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Medical quality concept build love human health
Chinese Medical Ultrasound in Medicine Ninth National Conference held in Beijing
Date:2007-10-07 14:44:05  Views:949

Ninth National Conference of Ultrasound in Medicine by Ultrasound in Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association held in Beijing hosted on September 22. During the meeting, also held at the same time the International Academic Conference on Cardiovascular Imaging. The meeting attracted more than 800 branches and Ultrasound Cardiology doctors come to study visit.
  Assembly of the first two keynote speakers were Professor Dr Thomas Stavros and Ritsuko Pooh, entitled "Application of ultrasound diagnosis of breast hard nodules" and "fetal central nervous system scan"; lecture are highlights of the current study focused on several domestic ultrasound hotspots, namely the function and ultrasound breast examination in terms of three-dimensional ultrasound in obstetrics applications. In addition, Zhang Yun academician at the meeting entitled "The Present Situation and Consideration of ultrasound medical research," the report. Professor Li Zhian report is "real-time three-dimensional transesophageal ultrasound surgery clinical application."

  The keynote speaker of the Assembly into the heart of the topic, the topic abdomen, superficial organ topics, maternity and other topics. Compared with previous years, the conference highlighted the three-dimensional ultrasound in the diagnosis of respect. You can find more and more clinicians more dependent on the three-dimensional ultrasound, three-dimensional ultrasound and clinical gradually being fit.

  Ultrasound biennial conference also attracted more than twenty-related manufacturers come to the exhibition. Including Philips, Mindray, Hitachi, etc. Yum. GE company is launched at the meeting of its Voluson & nbsp; E8 ultra high-end ultrasound systems, and many share the fruits of China sonographer.

  In addition, the meeting also made the Chinese Medical Association Branch Council of Medical Ultrasound election. It is reported that this election elected Professor Jiang Yuxin incumbent chairman, Zhang Yun, director members after academician; The Assembly also elected LI Zhi, Chen Minhua, often before and Wang Zhigang as vice chairman, the Secretary-General Wang Jianhua either learn, Hu Bing, deputy secretary-general.

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